We APPLY Diversity

APPLY is proud to note that 40% of our (top) management positions are being held by women.

How have we managed this? Simply by letting qualifications and competence talk their own language. In APPLY we define qualifications by skill set, we identify core competence based on current business needs, and face industry challenges with experience. Not, by name and gender.

By appointing qualified women to mid and senior management roles, APPLYs organization chart reflects the global trend of a gradual increase in women inclusion in leadership positions.

By monitoring our progress, we prove that the steps we are taking are working.

We believe by practicing a diverse leadership model, where both men and women are a part of the corporate decision-making process, we allow for new views to the table, alongside fresh perspectives on opportunities for company’s growth.

To follow on the companies will and wish to grow a profitable business, we continue to hire and promote the best qualified candidates, resulting in the appointment of two female department heads in August, and another female VP added to the mix in September.