The Norwegian Government has an ambition to realize at least one full scale carbon capture and storage chain within 2020 Key driver is showcasing CCS leadership to international community.

Client: Klemetsrudanlegget AS
Carbon Capture Project “Klemetsrudanlegget AS”
April 2017 – September 2017
6000 Mhrs
Oslo – Norway

Selected sites for CCS project are:

  • Klemetsrudanlegget AS - Oslo
  • Yara, Porsgrunn
  • Norcem


  • Decision to go for concept development and FEED studies
  • FID in Q2 2019 and operation start in 2022

Selection criteria:

  • Technology qualification at Technology Center Mongstad(TCM)
  • Price and delivery

Scope of Work:

The Scope of Work for this CCS project, was to prepare the design of a plant capable of capturing the CO2 from the KEA Energy-from-Waste and to make it available for pipeline transportation in a dense gas phase, liquefy it at the harbor and store it in interim storage tanks at harbor. The scope of work included the following main topics;

  • Concept selection/design for carbon capture (CC) plant.
  • EfW and CC plant integration.
  • Pre-conditioning of CO2 at KEA site for pipeline transport to harbor.
  • Liquefaction of captured CO2 at harbor.
  • Intermediate storage at Oslo harbor with offloading facilities for CO2 transport ships.

The final report consisted of:

  • Description and Layout of the complete CO2 capture concept.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Budget +/-20%.
  • Schedule.