Equinor considered separate subsea treatment of sea water for injection into the Krafla and Askja reservoirs and new technology using NOV SeaboxTM is a key focus.

Client: NOV / Statoil (now Equinor)
Project: Krafla SeaboxTM Water Injection
Technology Qualification Assistance and Concept Study
2017- 2018
2000 mhrs
Offshore – North Sea

SeaboxTM SWIT prototype underwent for test and qualification in one of the Norwegian fjords in 2017 and Equinor technology readiness level 3 to 4 was achieved in 2018.

APPLY conducted a concept study to justify the business case of using SeaboxTM in Krafla field development along with complete pricing in feasibility level.

The study also included defining the technology to generate specified quality of low sulphate water at the specified flow rate.

Scope of Work:

Main system/equipment covered

  • Subsea Water Injection Treatment (SWIT) unit
  • Seabox TM module, ultrafiltration module, membrane feed pump and nano membrane module
  • Umbilical interface
  • Tie-in SWIT to the water injection flowline
  • Topside interface and subsea control system

Added value:

  • Sustainability in future business.
  • Early mover advantage in a new industry segment with large international growth potential.