APPLY Digital Drillfloor make you in control of Drilling Facilities again.

APPLY delivers Drilling facility Upgrades and Autonomous Control system as Apply Digital Drillfloor (ADD).

  • State of the art autonomous drilling control
  • OPC UA Drilling HUB (Open interface and sharing of Big Data)
  • Big Data & Cloud Analysis
  • Digital Twin ready
  • External App control ready (Maintenance Control)
  • Autonomous Operations, Sequence controller
  • ADD Player
  • IIOT (Industry Internet Of Things) / Industry 4.0
  • Exclusive simulator for testing of software and training of personnel
  • From Rig Action Plan to machine
  • Siemens Equipment
  • Change from traditional «manual fly by wire» to sequence control «robotic»

Select your Sequence

The driller can select the system to do different sequences. This may be set up as a combination of data and sequences between machines to run continuous automatic operations.

Interface for definition of control

Top Level is where Driller enable Edge to interact with the rig control system.

This does not mean that Edge commands will go directly to machines. All data from Edge will go through the Sequence controller and will be distributed to the different nodes for processing to ensure data handling.

Each node will still handle all safety such as interlock and machine Operation limits.

Definition of parameters

The different regulating parameter to be used can be set from the parameter Interface. This means that the Edge parameter are “feed” into regulators and will pass through the safety filter directly.

This allow for us of real time data that are processed and adjusted based on calculation and well model.

At any time, the Driller can override set points from Edge, but be aware that each time this is done a log will be made for later evaluation.

From the Digital Twin, parameters and operational limits will be used directly within actual operational possibility.

APPLY Digital Drillfloor

Control & Automation

Drilling Equipment Systems

Drilling Support Systems

Drilling Facilities

We aim for safer and more efficient operations with a cost saving focus

• We act as your independent integrator - we are open source

• We enable for sharing data by controlling BIG data

• With a fit for purpose mindset our multi skilled team provides tailor-made solutions

• We are your door to new technology

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