APPLY delivers Green Technology Upgrades and Autonomous Control System as Apply Digital Green (ADG).

Apply Digital Green (ADG) provides tools for reducing energy consumption and cost. ADG monitors energy consumptions for reporting and engagement.

Through a desktop study Apply can identify consumers, emissions and energy wastes, and from this propose solutions to be installed on board at any vessel or asset.
The improved OPEX cost reduces the return of investment (ROI) for the CAPEX in the range of 24 – 36 months. (2 – 3 years)

The 6 specific focus areas for this study can be seen in the illustration below

The investigation and implementation of any emission reducing measures will typically be carries out in three steps

Step 1: Desktop Study

Visualizing and adding value

This step includes extensive experience transforming key information into valuable recommendations

  • Highlight complex ESS and Emission issues, making them easy to understand
  • De-risking project at low cost
  • Estimate CAPEX, OPEX savings and ROI
  • Recommendation of focus areas, studies and possible surveys

Step 2 - Detailed Study

Developing recommendations from desktop study into detailed studies and surveys

Digging deeper into the materia, allowing for detailed understanding of the possibilities identified

  • Docummentation and EPCI estiamtes for input to investment decision gates
  • Achieve basis data and facilitate NOx fund application
  • Provide documents for RFQs (Tech specs, MELs, MTOs, Drawings, etc.)

Step 3 - Project Execution

Efficient project start-up, ensuring delivery on schedule

Pendring outcome of detalied studies and investment decision gates, execution phase ensuring sage and timely delivery is initated

  • Rapid project start-up and mobilization
  • Detailed engineering sith use of personnel whom have been engaged in study phase
  • Placement of LLIs
  • Procurment and Fabrication
  • Installation and Commissioning

The improvements often reduce OPEX cost in the rante of 20% to 40%.
Direct savings derive from:

  • Reduction in fuel consumption due to fewer engines running and running at optimum load pr engine.
  • Reduced running time pr generator prolonging the lifecycle and improving the lifecycle cost pr engine / generator.
  • Installing VSD’s for pumps reduce the load on the generator sets.
  • Heat exchanger using exhaust heat in combination with a boiler reduces the boiler energy need.
  • HVAC management system allowing control of the heating required when cabin is empty.
  • Light in cabins, hallways and outside is changed to LED and sensors installed to switch lights on/off a required. Improved lifespan on LED lights also improves the lifecycle cost.
  • Maintenance cost on engines and generator sets is reduced due to fewer engines running.
  • With a SCR installed, lower fuel taxes due to reduction of emissions of NOx and CO2

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