APPLY delivers equipment and Green Technology Upgrades and Autonomous Control System as Apply Digital Green (ADG).

Apply Digital Green (ADG) provides tools for reducing energy consumption and cost. - It is an open source control system to enable new technology to do autonomous operations.

ADG monitors energy consumptions for reporting and engagement. Reporting may include dashboards to view energy use and analyze key performance indicators over time. It is useful for detecting energy drifts, early detection makes it easier to prevent energy being wasted. Engagement through automation of different systems like HVAC, heat trace and lighting.

All of this to reduce the human factor. - Energy savings on heat trace can be up to 70%, lighting 20-30%, HVAC 20% and pumps 30-40%.

SCD & Logic diagrams makes basis for new code. Open source code makes maintenance easy and cost saving. Based on the same platform as Apply Digital Drillfloor (ADD) with Wincc OA (HMI) and WinCC OA / OPC UA server.

This gathering of big data allows continues optimization and conditional based maintenance thought learning, AI, simulations and more.

Apply Digital Green (ADG) helps you manage:

  • Lighting
  • Pump System
  • Equipment Sensors
  • Heat Trace
  • HVAC
  • SCR
  • Battery
  • Engine Performance & Power Management

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Kenneth Skråmestø

Kenneth Skråmestø

Vice President System Technology


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