APPLY Operations & Technical Services is a supplier of operations support services to any Client operating a technical asset, plant or installation.

APPLY support clients establishing new operations or increasing their asset portfolio.

With our unique mix of operational and maintenance experience together with our digital solutions we are well prepared to support our clients in preparation for operation.

Among services relevant for a development phase of an asset or operations are;

  • Set and implement strategies for operation and maintenance
  • Establish efficient Asset Management
  • Build and implement maintenance systems and solutions
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant requirements
  • Establish and implement all necessary Operations routines and procedures
  • Build and make available operations and maintenance crews
  • Competence and training support for new teams and organizations
  • Establishment of administrative and technical procedures & guidelines
  • Support with handover from projects to operations, with special focus on completion and documentation.

The services may be delivered as individual secondments, smaller team placed in client offices or individuals and teams performing defined tasks from Apply.
We will assist you for both long and short term support.

Agnar Kongshaug

Agnar Kongshaug

Vice President Operation & Engineering Services


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