APPLY Operations & Technical Services is a supplier of operations support services to any Client operating a technical asset, plant or installation.

We assist Clients both within O&G onshore/offshore as well as within Maritime industry, land-based process industry and infrastructure.

APPLY will help you with:

  • Operations & Maintenance Services
  • Competence & Training Services
  • Integrity & Reliability Services
  • Technical Services

The services is a mix of individual secondments, smaller team placed in clients offices, individuals and teams performing defined tasks in-house, smaller projects as well as larger projects.

APPLY will help you achieve Reliability & Integrity targets for your assets.

  • Experience with New builds as well as Brown Field Asset Management Practices
  • Comprehension and experience of different systems and processes and customer strategies in use
  • A crew with broad experience in asset integrity management tasks
  • Change Management & Maintenance Management initiatives
  • Advisory & implementation
  • Proven Technologies & Innovation

APPLY understands your business & your requirements as a customer.

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Bård Fosse

Business Manager Technical Services

Dr. Jawad Raza

Business Manager Integrity & Reliability

Jon Ivar Monsen

Business Manager Competence and Training Service


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