Onshore Operations Support & Technical Services from APPLY

Technical Services & Onshore Operations Support delivers a broad specter of services, from resources and hour-based support to projects, fast track services, workshop, assessment, reviews and flexible classing of rigs & vessels.

Our people have experience in contracts, project management, engineering, documentation, HSEQ, specialist execution teams, and classing projects.

We deliver services to all clients from small and medium businesses to large corporate clients. Our department is not limited by deliveries to oil and gas but provide services for all segments.

Technical Services & Onshore Operations Support delivers within five main areas.

Fast Track Service assist the client with faster and more cost-efficient tasks, without compromising quality or regulative requirements. Fast Track execute engineering services for operations from delivery of simple drawings to complete packages.

Our specialist Minor Modifications Group delivers turnkey solutions where traditional methods is difficult to achieve or time and cost will benefit greatly by utilizing specialist technicians and methods.

We can provide Fast Track Projects for projects where its beneficial to avoid regular project execution manuals for faster deliveries.

Project Support delivers engineering services from hour-based, individuals or teams to support projects for deliveries of drawings, packages, studies, verifications or modifications.

We can also support with access to advanced engineering tools for analysis and modeling and database tools for data harvest and merging of data.

Resources provides individuals with broad support from APPLY within project management, contract management, engineers, and documentation.

Workshop, Assessment & Reviews can plan, execute and assess Hazop & Hazid, WEHRA/HF assessment, constructability assessments, and SIL & SCD assessments.

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Agnar Kongshaug

Agnar Kongshaug

Vice President Operation & Engineering Services



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