APPLY Studies help Clients to realise the full potential of their investments. From designing new facilities to improving existing infrastructure, APPLY Studies aim is to define the most suitable technical and commercial project parameters to enhance production, optimise performance, reduce emissions or meet legislative and commercial requirements.

Through APPLY´s 40 year history a comprehensive reference list has been accumulated containing various types of engineering and modification studies for several operators and rig contractors.

All the good learning APPLY has gained through several M&M and Operation Contracts have been fed back to the CAPEX studies adding significant value to Clients.

Over the years APPLY has been developed a project execution model (PEM) for early phase studies and FEED projects that are flexible and efficient to meet any Client requirements.

Smaller specialist consultancy studies

  • Environmental Studies
  • Technical Safety Studies
  • Process Studies
  • Integrity Studies

And a whole much more...

APPLY has extensive experience in studies.

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Trond Grytten

Trond Grytten

Vice President APPLY Studies


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