Maintenance Campaigns

Broad experience from planning and execution of maintenance campaigns for electrical/mechanical/instrument equipment and systems. We have experience with both small and large-scale projects (250+ individuals). Projects include management, administration, work preparation, co-ordination, execution and proper completion of the work according to the enterprise model.

Maintenance Shutdown / Turnaround specific work

APPLY will participate in turnarounds and execution of specific tasks during maintenance shutdowns. This involve planning and execution of dedicated assigned scope. Maintenance shutdowns have been planned and carried out according to the client’s governing documentation for turnarounds.

Helicopter dispatching & crew handling

APPLY have a team of experienced personnel executing a variety of service related to offshore rotation, dispatching requirements and booking of flights. Services is provided as a 24/7 shift coverage including emergency response duty.

Assigned operation support teams/individuals both on- & offshore (Pre-operation, start-up and operation)

Provide teams/individuals within all trades for several operating companies and installation on NCS. Broad experience from pre-operations (activities in field development projects), start-up and operations phases. line operation support

Provide resources with broad operation experience to the Client’s onshore line operation team (Operation support group).

Fast-track engineering & project support

Client - O&M – Fabrication. Provide engineering support along with specialist subcontractors/vendors in close integration with Client’s operation team.

APPLY will provide a simplified project execution model which minimize technical administration.

MC & Commissioning Support

Perform checking and functional testing of equipment and construction to confirm that the installation is in accordance with drawings and specifications.

Verification so commissioning can be performed in a safe manner and in compliance with project requirements.


Provide offshore base service for preserving of equipment for both long-term and short-term protection.

Temporary equipment

Performed inspection and maintenance of temporary equipment before it’s shipped offshore. Services done according to the NORSOK standard Z-015N with main references to underlying norms and standards

Procurement services

We have created a procurement system and taken the responsibility for purchasing in the project phase.

Maintenance Campaign Work

  • Shut down specific work
  • Turnaround specific work
  • Assigned operation teams both on- & offshore
  • Operation & Maintenance Supervisors
  • Process Technicians/Operators
  • Mechanical Technicians
  • Electricians Technicians
  • Instrument Technicians
  • Automation Technicians
  • Metering Technicians
  • Start-up Advisers
  • HSE & Quality Advisors
  • Maintenance Planners & Job Setters
  • Deck & Store keepers
  • Crane operators
  • Helicopter Dispatchers / Crew handlers
  • MC & Commissioning Support
  • Operational / Fast-track engineering support
  • line operation support/ Operation support group

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