Upgrading, expanding and modifying oil and gas receiving, processing and drilling facilities both onshore and offshore.

APPLY have the experience, resources and tools to execute modifications on all types of offshore and onshore installations from concept design to completion.

Our strength is to incorporate our hands-on experience and operational knowledge into a design with optimal installation philosophy and plant operability, delivered on time and with top quality.

Continuous improvement is required in order to compete in this challenging cyclical industry. We have implemented LEAN tools to support our drive for improvement and make us a preferred supplier, serving our clients with cost efficient solutions of high quality.

Services provided

  • General onshore/offshore Brownfield Modifications
  • SAS and Control System Upgrades
  • Process System Upgrades & Modifications
  • Structural & Architectural Upgrades
  • Subsea tie-backs to existing facilities
  • Gas lift/compression
  • Remote Operation and monitoring

APPLY is an independent engineering company with no driving preferences towards any products, rigs or installation vessels. What we want is to provide you with the optimal solution for your Brownfield Optimization Project.

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Nine Andresen

Nine Andresen

Vice President Modifications


Kjell Ove Lie

Kjell Ove Lie

Vice President Maintenance & Modification



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