APPLY introduces Apply Digital Operation Solutions - The ɅDOS portfolio

ɅDOS is a portfolio of applications and web solutions tailormade to obtain efficient and safe operations according to requirements and regulations. Apply has used our 40 years of experience from working with operations to offer you the ADOS products; intuitive solutions to make planning and execution easier and more streamlined. Our focus is on processing clients data and creating user-friendly interfaces for excellent user experience.

ɅDOS includes asset information like:

  • SO documentation
  • Procedures
  • Process information
  • P&ID, SCD, C&E
  • Drawings
  • sitemap, HSE, QA, Risk management
  • Comments and mark ups
  • Engineering support
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic/HVAC/Electric/ Instrumentation/SAS data
  • Competence management assistance, E-Learning & Handbooks
  • More than 20 years of experience with developing web solutions and applications
  • More than 30 years of experience from working with operations
  • Rooted in our technical knowledge hubs
  • Shared resource pool with more than 70 developers and 500 engineers

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Emilie Øritsland Houge

Emilie Øritsland Houge

Business Manager Digital Operation Solutions

+47 917 12 786