APPLY introduces Apply Digital Operation Solutions - The ɅDOS portfolio

ɅDOS is supporting tools for process and system operations, tailored and presented in user-friendly Interfaces.

The ɅDOS software solutions is targeted for all resources working “hands on” with the process

ɅDOS includes asset information like:
SO documentation, Procedures, Process information, P&ID, SCD, C&E, Drawings, sitemap, HSE, QA, Risk management, Comments and mark ups, Engineering support, Hydraulic/pneumatic/HVAC/Electric/ Instrumentation/SAS data, , Competence management assistance, E-Learning, Handbooks.
Tailored and presented in user-friendly Interfaces.

  • ɅDOS-Entry

A portal for documentation on operations and a portal to the other applications you have from the ADOS portfolio.

  • ɅDOS-Hbook

Information available at your fingertips.

  1. HSE Handbooks
  2. Electrical Handbooks
  3. Instrument/automation
  4. System Handbooks
  5. Working environment
  • ɅDOS-Assess

A Training & Competence Management Tool. This is a tool for personnel working on a specific section of the process parts (e.g. on an oil platform) and for those whose job it is to administer them.

  • ɅDOS MaxP&ID

An immersive interactive drawing showing the entire process, Easy to navigate, Dynamic zoom, Link to other databases, Easy to update. Normally In physical format these drawings can be up to 4 to 5 meters for one platform.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows

  • ɅDOS Smart P&ID

Digital platform for easy review and update of P&ID during planning and detailed engineering.


Full overview over System Control Diagrams with ɅDOS-MaxSCD.

  • ɅDOS-SmartSCD

Process control, visualisation and engineering tool.

  • ɅDOS Verify

Verify is a total overview and step-by-step real time integrated operations between onshore and offshore, field-operators, CCR, onshore control centre and suppliers. It is ideal for activities involving check lists for document regulatory and company compliance.


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