Integrity & Reliability Management in APPLY will take care of your Asset.

- Always working towards making the asset more profitable through effective operations, maintenance & inspections.

We will ensure that you as our customer are in full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, perform GAP analysis for maintenance processes and systems.

Services from Integrity & Reliability in APPLY

  • Develop, update & optimize existing operation maintenance strategies
  • Spare parts assessment & optimization
  • Material administration & codification
  • Diverse maintenance analysis for specific challenges
  • Perform Advanced predictive analytics to identify upcoming repair & maintenance requirements, life extension and barrier management
  • Advisory services for maintenance management and inspection engineering
  • Condition-based maintenance engineering tasks
  • Offer digital systems/applications to Our customers to make their day to day operation and maintenance follow-ups easy and efficient

Integrity & Reliability Management in APPLY have helped customers achieving reliability and integrity targets for their assets. We are experienced With New Builds as well as Brown Field Asset Management practices and have experience with different systems and processes as well as strategies in use by our different customers.

A crew with broad experience in asset integrity management tasks, change management and maintenance management initiatives.

Integrity & Reliability Management in APPLY will help you with organizing your operational documentation and training material according to governing documentation, requirements, norms and standards.

We provide smart and intuitive interfaces and applications for organizing said material, as well as offer customized solutions suited to your needs.


We have 30 years' experience from working with operational documentation, visualization and training material for the O&G industry.

Our experience is with both new developments, and update projects for older installations. Regardless of the project we are working on, we like to embrace new ideas and continuously improve our products and services.

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Dr. Jawad Raza

Business Manager Integrity & Reliability


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