Gullfaks Subsea Compression Topside

The Gullfaks Subsea Compression (GSC) Project is an IOR project at the Gullfaks Field and comprises of installing a subsea compressor station close to the L/M templates located on the Gullfaks Sør, 15 km south of the Gullfaks C platform.

Client: Statoil (now Equinor)
Project: Gullfaks SC Topside
Topside modifications (EPCIC)
Date: July 2012 – Feb 2016
Mhrs: 397,000

The project shall accelerate production and increase the recoverable reserves from the Gullfaks Sør Brent reservoir.

Subsea compression will help to boost gas production rates, prolong plateau production and increase gas recovery, when producing towards lower reservoir pressure. Start-up of the new compressors is planned Q3 2015.

Scope of Work:

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation Contract including MC and Commissioning assistance of topside facilities in order to integrate the wet gas compressor to all required systems on the Platform. Installation of the following equipment:

  • Hydraulic Power Unit for Control Fluid.
  • Hydraulic Power Unit for Barrier Fluid.
  • Water Cooler Unit (WCU).
  • High voltage input transformers.
  • High voltage stepup transformers.
  • Variable speed drives (VSDs).
  • Topside Umbilical Termination Units (TUTU)
  • Control cabinets in C-05 LUR, which is WGC controller, EPU/TDH-cabinet ABB node (SCU interface node).
  • Umbilical hang-off details

Added value: Prolong plateau production, boost gas production rates.