Statfjord Fire & Gas Upgrade

Extended life of offshore installations results in an increasing requirement for upgrading equipment and systems for safe and efficient operations according to current regulations.

Client: Statoil (now Equinor))
Statfjord B & C Fire and Gas Upgrade
Scope: Topside modifications (EPCIC)
Nov 2012 – Dec 2015
Mhrs: 520,000
Location: NCS

The implementation of new solutions and technology also ensures access to spare parts and system knowledge at the same time as regularity is improved and maintenance costs are reduced.

The fire and gas upgrade improves the detection response of both fire and gas leakages and eliminates system failures disrupting production.

Scope of Work:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Installation and testing of new F&G system in accordance with IEC61508/ 61511
  • Change-out of field instrumentation, cables and junction boxes
  • New UPS distribution SFA & SFB
  • New CAP (Critical Alarm Panel) and LSD (Large Screen Display)
  • The IGD and Sieger gas racks will be replaced with new hardwired 4 – 20 mA detectors.
  • Improvement of the earth failure detection system.
  • Preparations for AMS (Asset Management System).
  • F&G Simulator upgrade (OTS)
  • Demolition work existing F&G system
  • HF analyses, designs, validations and verifications as input to HMI
  • HVAC – verification of heat dissipation with systems in parallel

Added value: Improve safety level and reduce risk of loss of production.